SPIMEU at WONCA 2017 in Prague


The SPIMEU team attended the WONCA conference in Prague at the end of June, 2017. On June 30 we ran a workshop focusing on the barriers and facilitators of cardiometabolic disease (CMD) prevention programs. We presented the first results from work packages 5, 6, and 7, identifying the main obstacles of CMD prevention in Europe. The presentations stimulated lively and constructive discussion about the advances and pitfalls of past, current, and future CMD prevention efforts. All the presentations can be found here.


Consensus meeting Prague

The SPIMEU project partners had a consensus meeting in Prague on March 24-25 of this year. The purpose of the meeting centered on providing guidance for implementation of selective prevention programs in Europe. To this end, six primary care and/or CMD experts from various EU member states were invited to contribute to the revision and optimal specification of 32 potential CMD-program guidelines.

EPCCS (European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society) conference, March 30-31 2017, Dublin

The first results from the SPIMEU project about the attitude and current activities of GPs in selective prevention of cardiometabolic diseases were shown at the EPCCS conference in Dublin. Important findings, that were presented on a poster (awarded as best poster presentation at the EPCCS!), showed that on average 46% of GPs invite patients actively for selective prevention of cardiometabolic diseases (CMD) and that the majorities of GPs have a positive attitude towards it. During the meeting with general practitioners and other health care workers from 19 different countries, it became clear that insight into the activities in different countries in the field of cardiovascular prevention and care would be very helpful to improve patient care. The SPIMEU project already made a good start by comparing the activities in selective prevention of CMD in 5 different EU countries. More results will follow soon…


Upcoming SPIMEU event: consensus meeting in Prague

On the 24th and 25th of March a consensus meeting is organized in Prague. Together with international experts, the partners of the SPIEMU project will develop a generic stepwise program for identifying people at high risk for cardio-metabolic diseases in Europe. The meeting is part of WP7 and preliminary results of the SPIMEU project are used for input. We hope to see you at the WONCA Europe Conference in Prague (June 28 – July 1, 2017), where we will present the first results of the project.

Successful SPIMEU meeting in Copenhagen

June 2016


Last week was a very important and fruitful week for the SPIMEU project. On 14-15 June the first yearly partner meeting took place in Copenhagen. The different Work Packages were presented and we discussed the progress until now and challenges for the next (second) year of the SPIMEU project.

WONCA EUROPE in Copenhagen was the next stop for the SPIMEU project. On the 17th of June we had a very inspiring Workshop about our project. We had discussion about the definition of selective prevention, about facilitators and barriers of selective prevention and about how to approach different groups of patients. Furthermore the first results about the organisation of selective prevention in different primary care systems were presented in an oral presentation. All the presentations can be found here.


We look forward to continue with the SPIMEU project.


The SPIMEU – team.



SPIMEU workshop and partner meeting at WONCA Europe conference 2016 in Copenhagen

The next SPIMEU partner meeting will take place in Copenhagen before the start of the WONCA Europe Conference 2016 (15-18 June). All SPIMEU-partners will be at WONCA. The first results of the project will be presented in a SPIMEU workshop and by Anne-Karien de Waard:


  1. Workshop: Selective prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases across Europe – current work and future perspectives. (Session code W58 on Friday June 17th at 11.45
  2. Anne-Karien de Waard: How is selective prevention of cardiometabolic diseases organized in the EU member states? (Session OP44 on Friday June 17th at 16.15)


If you want to have more information or want to talk about the SPIMEU project with us, please send an e-mail to spimeu@nivel.nl

First deliverable online: the SPIMEU project leaflet

In the first months of the SPIMEU project, the University of Southern Denmark produced a project leaflet including a short description of the SPIMEU project, its objectives, activities and partners. The leaflet will be used for promotion of the project and is now available for download here in six different languages.

Kick off meeting June 8 and 9, 2015 Luxembourg

The eight of June was the day for the official start of the SPIM-EU project. It was a meeting at CHAFEA (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) with representatives from 5 EU countries with only one goal: Reducing the morbidity and mortality of cardio-metabolic diseases by developing a toolbox to implement selective prevention programs in all EU-member states.
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