Karolinska Institute

General information
Research at Karolinska Institutet (KI) spans the entire medical field, from lab bench to clinical bedside, as well as epidemiological and health science. KI today stands for more than 40% of all academic medical research in Sweden. The Division of Family Medicine is a joint venture between KI and the Stockholm County Council, and performs research with a clear anchoring in general medicine and primary care. The Division of Family Medicine spans everything from osteoporosis, asthma care, coronary artery disease, diabetes, physical activity, and psychological disorders, with collaborations across KI, other universities in Sweden, as well as internationally.




Work Package
Leader of Wp5
Participating in WP1, Wp2, Wp4, Wp6, WP7 and Wp8


SPIMEU Researchers

Prof. Per Wändell, MD, PhD


Martin Holzmann, MD, PhD
Associate professor of epidemiology at the Department of Internal Medicine
Consultant in cardiology and internal medicine




Axel Carlsson, PhD
Clinical pharmacist and teacher in epidemiology
Responsible for the Research School in Family Medicine at Karolinska Institutet