University of Crete

General information

The University of Crete is a multi-disciplinary, research-oriented non-profit public educational institution and was established in 1973. It has the top ranking Medical School in Greece and is oriented towards academic excellence. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Crete has a very strong academic track record, ranked #48 in 2014 among the world’s best young universities under the age of 50. The Faculty of Medicine has developed an active program of research in the area of primary care practices and disease prevention and our faculty meet regularly to support knowledge and exchange. Within the School of Medicine, the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (CSFM), which is headed by Professor Lionis, was founded to meet the needs of the local population and to promote research in primary health care (PHC). It is located at the Faculty of Medicine in the Campus of the University of Crete, in Voutes Residential area in Heraklion Crete. The CSFM offers teaching and research opportunities to undergraduates, postgraduates and continued professional training in areas of PHC. It has a multidisciplinary research team executing multiple European funded research and national level projects. The CSFM has raised the profile of PHC at national and international levels through its strong leadership and active involvement in numerous initiatives and various interventions, as well as national and EU-funded research projects, as documented by over 270 Medline indexed publications. In addition to the national clinical research projects, the CSFM is involved in seven FP7 European funded projects, two international projects and more than seven national research projects. An innovative component of Clinic is its affiliation with the Practice Based Research Network (PBRN). The PBRN is the first PHC network in Greece to bring together University research activities and daily PHC practice.




Work Package
Leader of WP8
Participating in WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7


SPIMEU Researchers

Prof. Christos Lionis, MD, PhD, Hon FRCGP
Head of Scientific Research team of UoC & Leader of WP8
Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care / Director of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine




George Kochiadakis, MD
Associate Professor & Director of the Department of Cardiology of the University General Hospital of Heraklion.





Agapi Angelaki, BSW, MPH
Scientific Researcher of the CSFM, Project Manager WP8 of SPIMEU





Myron Galenianos, BSc (Hons), MSc
Financial Officer of the CSFM, Financial Advisor WP8 of SPIMEU





Theodoros Vasilopoulos, MD, ΜSc
Scientific Research Associate of the CSFM and WP8 of SPIMEU