WP 5: Literature review

WP Title:       Literature review
WP Leader:  Karolinska Institute
Period:           May 2015 – October 2016



To systematically review the existing evidence on determinants of uptake and compliance with selective prevention actions.



1. Protocol for systematic literature review

2. Report of systematic literature review


Description of work

In this Work Package, a systematic literature review will be performed to provide insight into the existing knowledge and evidence regarding determinants of uptake and compliance with selective prevention programs (focusing on healthy persons at potential high risk). This includes determinants of uptake of and compliance with selective prevention programs by health professionals as well as by the target group in the population. A distinction will be made between determinants of short-term and long-term compliance and participation. The literature review will complement the existing review of Koopmans et al on determinants of non-compliance.The methodology of the systematic literature review will be based on guidelines of the Cochrane Collaboration and the EPOC (Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group) and will include a quality assessment of the publications included in the review. Bibliographic databases as PubMed (Medline), CINAHL and EMBASE will be used to search for relevant publications with an identical search strategy. If possible, meta-analyses will be carried out to quantify the impact of determinants on uptake and compliance. The literature review will be reported as a manuscript to be submitted to a scientific journal. Moreover, the results of the review will be included in the knowledge synthesis (see WP7). Karolinska Institute will carry out the literature review; the review protocol will be submitted to the steering committee for approval. Other SPIMEU participants will participate in the selection and data extraction of relevant publications.