Overview work packages


Work Package (WP)


1. Project coordination

Overall coordination and management of the project

2. Dissemination

Synthesize the results of the projects, create a toolbox, and dissemination of the results of the project to all relevant stakeholders

3. Evaluation of the project implementation

Evaluating the progress of the project implementation according to plan

4. Mapping existing selective prevention programs

Inventory and analysis of existing selective prevention programs in all EU Member States

5. Literature review

Perform a systematic literature review to summarize the existing evidence on determinants of uptake and compliance with selective prevention actions

6. Acceptability of selective prevention actions

Perform a survey among samples of primary care professionals and the general population in five EU Member States on their attitude towards selective prevention actions

7. Design of tailored selective prevention actions

Design of selective prevention programs tailored to the national context in five EU Member States

8. Feasibility studies of selective prevention actions

Test the feasibility of five tailored selective prevention programs in five EU Member States