Julius Center for Health Sciences

General information
The Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care is one of the 11 divisions of the University Medical Center (UMC), one of the 8 medical faculties in the Netherlands. The mission of the Julius Center is to develop and disseminate innovative knowledge in the field of health care and to implement this knowledge in clinical care. It integrates 6 disciplines: epidemiology, general practice, public health, medical technology assessment, ethics and biostatistics. The Julius Center has over 500 employees, among whom over 100 PhD students. Research focusses on the themes neurosciences, cardiovascular sciences, immunology and infectious diseases and oncology. The Julius Center is very successful in acquiring research grants, both nationally and internationally. In 2013 the department had an output of 667 international peer reviewed publications and 37 PhD defences.

Two departments of the Julius Center are involved in the SPIMEU project: the department of general practice and the department of public health.

The department of general practice runs multidisciplinary research projects in primary care within the research themes of the Julius Center, with a focus on health care innovation. The department provides medical education to more than 300 medical students, and has 260 GP trainees in training annually. The department is partner in the Julius Health Centers, which provide integrated multidisciplinary primary health care for 36.000 patients. In this academic environment, primary health care is integrated with research, innovation and education.

The department of Public Health provides courses at several levels in the (bio)medical curriculum and in continuous medical education. The major purpose of all of these courses is to teach students the principles and methods of Public Health. The research in this department has a focus on public health which is a multidisciplinary field of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting (public) health through the organized efforts of society. It includes the interaction between health and disease to humans and the environment.




Work Package
Leader of WP3 (dept. Public Health) and WP6 (dept. General Practice)
Participating in WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP7 and WP8


SPIMEU Researchers

Prof. Niek de Wit, MD, PhD, FRCP
Head of department / General Practitioner





Monika Hollander, MD, PhD
Researcher / General Practitioner





Gerdien Dalmeijer, PhD
Evaluator SPIMEU (WP3)
Assistant professor




Anne-Karien de Waard, MD
PhD student SPIMEU