WP 7: Design prevention actions

WP Title:       Design of tailored selective prevention actions
WP Leader:  Charles University
Period:           November 2016 – April 2017



To design a generic stepwise program for identifying people at high risk for cardio-metabolic diseases, that can be tailored to the country-specific context in five EU Member States, based on the results of WP4-6 and based on the Dutch guideline ‘The Prevention Consultation, Cardiometabolic Risk module’.



1. Knowledge synthesis for consensus workshop

2. Report of consensus workshop


Description of work

The design of a generic stepwise program for identifying people at high risk for cardio-metabolic diseases and the tailoring of this design to the country-specific contexts in five EU Member States will be established during a 1-day consensus workshop of representatives from the SPIMEU participants and a group of 5 internationally respected experts in the field of selective prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases. The group of experts will include expertise in cardiology, public health, and prevention.

In preparation of this workshop, Charles University will provide a synthesis of the results obtained in WP4, WP5 and WP6, with the focus on possible measures to be taken for a successful implementation of a selective prevention program in the primary health care setting.

These measures cover factors at different levels:
a) structural factors related to the role of primary care in the health care system (gatekeeper role, list system, accessibility, remuneration of preventive services);
b) factors related to the attitude and (perceived) tasks of primary care professionals;
c) social, cultural and ethical factors at the level of the population related to the acceptability of being approached for preventive actions and of being recommended to change lifestyle and/or starting preventive medication.

This synthesis of knowledge will be used as a basis for the discussions during the consensus workshop.