SPIMEU workshop and partner meeting at WONCA Europe conference 2016 in Copenhagen

The next SPIMEU partner meeting will take place in Copenhagen before the start of the WONCA Europe Conference 2016 (15-18 June). All SPIMEU-partners will be at WONCA. The first results of the project will be presented in a SPIMEU workshop and by Anne-Karien de Waard:


  1. Workshop: Selective prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases across Europe – current work and future perspectives. (Session code W58 on Friday June 17th at 11.45
  2. Anne-Karien de Waard: How is selective prevention of cardiometabolic diseases organized in the EU member states? (Session OP44 on Friday June 17th at 16.15)


If you want to have more information or want to talk about the SPIMEU project with us, please send an e-mail to spimeu@nivel.nl